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Services offered by MGI Cairns

We know the importance of offering a fast efficient 'hands-on' service and each of our clients benefit from a direct relationship with a partner in our firm. As MGI Cairns is locally owned by its partners, our clients deal directly with the owners of our business. We back this commitment to personal service with all the services of a nationwide MGI association, and associations throughout the world, by the members of MGI International. MGI Cairns provides taxation, audit and accounting services, which can assist businesses in fulfilling compliance with State and Federal law. Our clients benefit from our sound compliance accounting, but also welcome our pro-active involvement through our 'value-added' strategic planning services, such as Financial Health Assessments.

The principles behind sound business management can be applied to many different industries and professions, and MGI Cairns has within its client base the full range of businesses in a variety of industries and professions. Our particular expertise lies in assisting family-owned businesses, where we provide a close personal involvement with the business owners. In these situations we often can assist the owners with their personal finances such as investment and superannuation planning.

Business Planning

MGI Cairns offers services for business throughout its life cycle. From involvement in the purchase of a business, through the developmental stages of creating business plans and cash flow management, through finance applications, management of expansion and growth, to the sale of the business. Whatever the stage the business is in, we work with our clients to provide optimum opportunity for financial health and success. Our services include all the day-to-day compliance accounting services, as well as strategic planning services. Our financial health assessments analyse a business and make recommendations for improvement, using sophisticated computer models.


Taxation and revenue law is notoriously complex and the fast changing tax environment has meant business owners must now consider the tax implications of almost every business transaction. There are increased taxation implications involved through the introduction of capital gains tax, fringe benefits tax, superannuation legislation, payroll tax and stamp duty as well as increased penalties for failing to pay the correct amount of tax. We believe that taxes can be a considerable drain on the cash flow of any business. We are therefore committed to minimising the impact of taxation on our clients. Taxation can be a minefield for the unwary! Our team can assist clients in negotiations with the ATO, and in taxation disputes.

Audit Services

Our audit goes beyond the annual requirements and takes a closer look at the organisation.  We see the annual audit obligations as providing a valid opportunity for management to see an objective perspective of their business.  At the completion of the audit we often make suggestions to management about how areas of the business can be improved.

There is also a statutory requirement for the audit of organisations that hold monies in trust for others, such as solicitors and real estate agents. MGI Cairns has significant specialised experience in trust account audits.

Business Development

• Specialist services specifically designed to maximise the value and profitability of your business.
• Business performance review
• Workshops and training programs. Covering financial management, team development, customer service and more
• Activity based costing
• Financial health assessments
• Business and strategic planning. A customised program to develop your business based on the targets you want to achieve

Assessment & Evaluation

• Specialist services to ensure you get what you pay for when buying a business and maximise your return when selling
• Business purchase review
• Business sale report
• Business finance advice
• Business succession planning and buy/sell agreements

Accounting & Reporting

• Services to ensure you know how your business is performing and to keep it under control
• Preparation of financial and management reports
• Design and development of self-managed accounting systems

Business Structures

• Services to ensure your affairs are in the right structure and kept that way
• Business structure planning and formation - company, trust and other
• Companies and trusts - administration and secretarial

Superannuation Fund Planning

• Services to assist you in planning the superannuation scheme best suited to you
• Superannuation advice and planning
• Superannuation fund formation and reporting

Investment Advice

• Specialist services to assist you in increasing your personal wealth.
• Advice on placement of investments
• Retirement planning & Risk profile
• Superannuation strategies
• Wealth creation
• Protection of assets and income

Mortgage Origination

• Specialist services to assist you in securing competitive finance arrangements
• Structuring and arranging of finance packages for property investment, business and construction transactions
• Review of existing loan facilities
• Recommendation of financial options
• Loan extension and refinancing strategies
• Loan negotiations


At MGI Cairns we have prepared a series of solutions data sheets and other publications to better help and inform our clients.

Company profile

A dedicated team of local professionals who are skilled at their individucal areas of expertise for our clients benefit.

Services we offer

MGI Cairns provide services that have been specifically centred around providing a total business solution.

About MGI

The resources of an international firm with the service of a smaller firm, offering high partner involvement & personal contact



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